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OUR PROGRAMS ARE AS FOLLOWS: -----------------------------------------1- Group Flips: A-SINGLE FAMILY (1-4 UNITS). PowerHouse Women Group Flips bring women together virtually from all across the country to learn how to flip houses in a team! The group collaboration allows women to get into their first flip at a lower cost as well as build knowledge, confidence, and credibility in house flipping. -------------------------Outcomes: In 2021, the women who participated in PowerHouse Group Flips received between a 40% and 80% ROI. In addition to profit, these women reported that they built their confidence, grew strong partnerships, and even made lasting friendships. ---------------------------------Testimonial: I’m so glad I jumped on the opportunity to flip a house in one of the first flip groups. The value of the knowledge in addition to the new connections I have made are priceless! - Jessica------------- Price $528 with code aptqueenREI= $495 fee to join a group flip---------------------------------------------------------------------------------2- MULTIFAMILY (25 UNITS+): Description: The PowerHouse Women Multifamily Investing Group brings women together virtually from across the country to learn how to invest in multifamily and build partnerships to make their first investments together. This initiative offers a 12 week multifamily readiness and partnership development program where women are provided 101 on multifamily investing along with network building and hands-on deal analysis opportunities. The goal is to support women in doing their first deals and launching them head first into a whole new world of real estate investing and wealth building. -------------------Outcomes: In the 2021 Multifamily Investing Group, women joined together across 17 partnerships. These group members invested through joint ventures and syndications together on multifamily properties between 2 and 167 units. ----------------------------------------------------------Testimonial: "This is by far the most effective & impactful multifamily groups out there! Nowhere else can you find such knowledgeable mentors coupled with a tribe of passionate & eager women ready to learn & execute. I have no doubt that every woman part of this group will be highly successful in multifamily thanks to this program." - Brenda -------------------------------------------------------------------Price $634 with code aptqueenREI=$599 to join the multifamily group (when these are open) ------------------------------------------------3- The house hacking mini-course: Through us- $234 with code aptqueenREI= $199 to have 24/7 access -----------------------------------4-Wholesaling Group: Description: The PowerHouse Women Wholesaling Group supports women in building the partnerships and business systems needed to develop a pipeline of off-market property leads to wholesale and flip for tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. "off-market deal machines" live together in this group, and the women who join will benefit by having the opportunity to pursue leads purchased by PowerHouse, and getting paid if they close the deals. for women who want to learn how to get access to the best off-market deals to wholesale and flip! Through APARTMENT QUEEN: $534 with code aptqueenREI= $499

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